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St.Ann’s High School
(Recognised by the Govt. of Karnataka)

St.Ann’s High School
(Affiliated to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, New Delhi)

Venkat International Public School
( Affiliated to the Central board of Secondary Education, New Delhi )

St.Ann’s Pre-University College
(Recognised by the Govt. of Karnataka)

Venkat International College Of Education
( Recognised by the Govt. of Karnataka, Affiliated to Bangalore University and Approved by the National Council for Teacher Education )

St.Ann’s B.Ed College
( Recognised by the Govt. of Karnataka and Approved by the National Council for Teacher Education )

Venus International School (ICSE)

Venus International School (CBSE)

Venkat International College of Management Studies

Chairman's Message

T. Balakrishna
(Chairman & CEO)

Thank you for your trust and faith in us. By enrolling your ward in Venus International School (VIS), you join thousands of satisfied parents whose children pursue their education in the Group’s different institutions that have built a name for themselves in this part of India. You have taken a sound decision that will lead your child on the path to a great learning experience.

The education system in India as it stands today is in need of transformation, and we strongly believe that transforming our education is the key to influencing and creating a strong future for India. When young minds are moulded and their character is formed, a nation is built. Two decades ago, we laid the foundation stone of Venus International School as a small first step on this journey of excellence in transformational education. Looking back over the years, we are filled with immense pride and satisfaction to see how far we have come. Venus International School has been successful in providing a strong platform for our children’s future, and the fulfillment of the dreams and aspirations of parents. At VIS, we are committed to making it an institution that stands proudly among the best international learning centres. We have, for this grand mission, the resources, the experience, the vision, and the pedigree. The same management that has built and nurtured the St. Ann’s Group of Institutions brings in its experience and expertise to VIS as well.

We are fully aware and acutely conscious of the great and noble responsibility of creating a safe and child-friendly environment that will nurture the mental and physical growth of the young and direct them towards the pursuit of excellence, developing in them the power to shape their own destiny. Venus International School has world-class facilities equipped with the latest technology and global infrastructure in order to aid our students in their academic as well as extra-curricular pursuits.

We welcome you to visit us at VIS and experience first-hand the spacious, airy classrooms, the well-stocked libraries rich with books, magazines and reference material, the state-of-the-art mathematics, science, computer and geography labs, the audio-visual multimedia theatre and the large playgrounds. We invite you to interact with our learned faculty and supportive staff. Our high standards of learning are built and sustained through our committed and knowledgeable faculty who inspire, educate, influence and mentor the future leaders of our nation. You will be doubly convinced about why we believe that VIS is the best.

We sincerely strive to leverage all possible opportunities to ensure that our students not only excel academically but also grow into good human beings. We work towards making our students realize their fullest potential in every area of self-development be it learning, values, culture or social responsibility. At no point do we forget that the world today is surging forward at lightning speed, with change as the only constant and that our students need to be prepared to succeed in this era of rapid globalization. Bolstered by our past achievements and learning through two decades of experience, we promise to keep applying fresh ideas and innovation to our superior and well-planned curriculum and co-curriculum to provide our children with opportunities to learn and excel in academics as well as in life.

We are committed to creating generations of ‘world citizens’ and making VIS a home away from home for your children for years to come, but we cannot do so without your trust and confidence in us. We welcome your suggestions and counsel to improve on what we offer. We assure you that in Venus International School, we will continue educating future well-rounded leaders equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow.