About Us



Venus International School is a highly sought-after institution in Bangalore for parents looking for not only the academic needs of their children but their holistic and all-round development. It is our strong belief that every child is blessed with unique talent and capabilities that needs passionate exploration and nurturing to realise the full potential.

India is making rapid progress in every area to emerge as a world power in this era of globalization. Our future generations need to be prepared to understand this new world better and lead in all spheres. The children of today will carry the pillars of our nation tomorrow and steer it to its rightful place in the world stage. We have carefully constructed an environment in our school to not only ensure academic excellence but also groom our students to attain their full potential so that when they complete their education here, they have blossomed into confident young adults ready to take on the outside world. With this noble mission in mind, the school follows a holistic curriculum based on the ICSE pattern, and supported by a number of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

At every step of your child’s journey in Venus International School, from kindergarten to class X, we guide him/her to discover, experiment, enquire and explore. We equip the students with the life skills necessary to inculcate in them a sense of self-belief, confidence and ethics so that they can step forward with conviction in their own self and abilities. We take great care to provide safe environment for our students, a place where they are secure at all times and where their quest for knowledge remains supreme.

Our institution stands for Excellence in every sphere. Our children are expected to excel in the class room, play-fields, or extracurricular activities. The significance of moral values and social responsibility is also given equal importance. In turn, it is our earnest endeavour to provide world-class infrastructure, faculty and facilities for our students. Our management is focussed in creating and sustaining a world class institution and we have made great progress in the past years here. We are very proud to be recognised as one of the best international schools in Bangalore.

Mission Statement

  • To prepare and nurture our students in their formative years to become global leaders of the future.
  • To strengthen their character by helping them build a strong value system that will stand true in all the tests and trials of life.
  • To provide our students with a solid foundation in academics through excellence in education.