Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Dr. Sulochana Balakrishna

Our Group of Institutions believe in an appropriate academic challenge which enables each student to realize his potential, and grow strong in today's competitive world. We provide an environment which promotes good work ethos and encourages all students to acquire an independent and a critical approach to learning. To make learning beneficial we keep our method “child centric” knowing that each child is an individual with different talents and abilities hidden within. We need to unveil those.

True learning helps the child to handle stress, resolve conflict and control emotions, tools that are extremely necessary in today’s fast paced, demanding world. As adults, therefore we need to be there for them at all times, guiding them, encouraging them and rewarding them yet giving them the freedom to choose, to do and to be what they want and helping them to realize that Education is a continuous process and not just limited to the classroom.

We aim to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare generations for the 21st century. It is our constant endeavor to direct each child to become a motivated lifelong learner by experiencing the joy of discovery and the ownership of results. Our curriculum has been structured to ensure that knowledge is imparted through a combination of resources and techniques, thus making the learning process exciting and easy to comprehend Our Professional Learning Community is characterized by a shared mission, vision, and values; collective inquiry, collaborative teams, action orientation, and experimentation; results orientation; and continuous improvement.

We also ensure that our students are well versed with the culture and traditions of the country. A repertoire of activities along with the celebration of the major festivals is a point of focus which helps in explaining to the students the rich heritage and diversity our country is proud of. When they walk out, they are confident individuals embedded with values and virtues which enable them to shine bright in the world. Our best wishes to the blooming leaders of the world.

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  • St.Ann’s High School
    (Recognised by the Govt. of Karnataka)
  • St.Ann’s High School
    (Affiliated to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, New Delhi)
  • Venkat International Public School
    ( Affiliated to the Central board of Secondary Education, New Delhi )
  • St.Ann’s Pre-University College
    (Recognised by the Govt. of Karnataka)
  • Venkat International College Of Education
    ( Recognised by the Govt. of Karnataka, Affiliated to Bangalore University and Approved by the National Council for Teacher Education )
  • St.Ann’s B.Ed College
    ( Recognised by the Govt. of Karnataka and Approved by the National Council for Teacher Education )
  • Venus International School (ICSE)
  • Venus International School (CBSE)
  • Venkat International College of Management Studies



Our sincere conviction is that every child is born endowed with unique capabilities and vast potentials which have to be tapped in a child-friendly learning atmosphere so that he/she blossoms into a masterpiece of creation. When young minds are moulded and their character formed, a Nation is built. To achieve this great mission of nation building, the school follows a child-centered Curriculum based on ICSE pattern, supplemented with co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes.

Since its inception, the school has taken huge strides towards excellence in all spheres of Education. Regular upgrading of the facilities and faculties is a top priority with the Management. The backbone of the School is the innovative, versatile and technologically advanced Curriculum. Excellence is more than a motto here. Students are provided with optimum exposure to develop their personality in the mental, physical, intellectual, cultural, ethical and spiritual realms.

From Montessori upwards, at every stage, the student is ably guided in his/her journey of discovery, exploration, enquiry and experimentation. Individual brilliance and competence are nurtured not only for one’s self but with a social dimension so that future citizens of this great country emerge as responsible, compassionate and wonderful human beings.

The school with its quality infrastructure, acumen and vision has already made a mark in the field of Education and occupies a place of pride among the leading public schools in the country. It is our earnest endeavor to upgrade the school further to match international standards in education.


To guide and motivate students to experience the joy of learning.

To imprint an indelible mark of moral values in all students that pass out of Venus portals.

To provide the best facilities that promote learning and to live easily through the judicious use of various information systems that are completely in sync with the need of the hour.

To impart self-improvement programme in making students develop self-faith and self confidence

To provide holistic education of the highest standard in an environment that fosters the pursuit of personal and academic excellence.

To impart not only education to children, but also to help them form an integral personality

To prepare and nurture global citizens of the future.

To groom students to make positive contributions to society at large.

To inculcate in our children the feeling of universal brotherhood.

To harbor a sense of freedom tempered by responsibilities.



Change is the only constant in today’s world. It is a world of huge risks and opportunities, complexities and challenges for which we have to equip our children with a foundation of excellent education. We have to prepare our students to catch up and also keep up in this era of rapid globalization. At school and at home, the right atmosphere has to be provided for our children so that they develop their passions, empathy, creativity, critical thinking, objectivity and confidence. These skills combined with agility and ingenuity will help our children succeed.

Emboldened by our experience through learning and achievements in the past two decades, we are striving to create a platform where teachers, experts, policy makers, parents and all those who are interested in the future of children, can explore ways of integrating the latest advancements with our education and culture. We are passionate about aligning every area of our institution – be it faculty, infrastructure, curriculum or extra-curricular activities – to nurture and build in our students the 21st century skills they need, to be the leaders of tomorrow.